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Providing Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Do you or someone you know have a disability?  There is hope; hope to overcome barriers to unemployment and to regain dignity and self-respect.  To find a good-paying job with benefits and acquire marketable job skills.

How We Help

Mavagi Enterprises exists to support people with disabilities during every step of their job search. We offer a variety of employment services and we also work closely with veterans. Our goal is to help people realize their full potential as they make meaningful contributions to their communities through employment. Mavagi Enterprises is committed to providing job opportunities, job training and job development for people with disabilities.






Our Clients

A Few of Our Happy Customers

Lives have been Changed

Paths to employment have been created for people who had no hope of finding a job. We have also provided employment services to numerous companies who had not realized the benefits of hiring quality employees with disabilities.

How You Can Help

People with disabilities face unemployment at nearly four times the rate of the general population, and it is not because they don’t want to work or are unqualified. You can help provide financial support by purchasing your Amazon products on our Amazon Smile page. You can also like and follow our Facebook page. Do you know someone looking for a job with a disability? Share the great news about our services and have them apply today.

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