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What does real impact look like for people with disabilities?
Read some of the short, amazing stories below that continue to pour in weekly about our awesome employees. Our work is making a major impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

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Mavagi is a nonprofit company with a mission to create jobs for people with disabilities. We do this through our own business divisions, or by partnering with others. Our primary lines of business include Facilities Services which include Custodial, Building Maintenance and Base Operating Support Services.

We want innovative, energetic, talented and passionate people who thrive in an environment of change, entrepreneurship and action, are committed to customer satisfaction – and who understand and embrace our purpose: creating jobs for people with disabilities.

Mavagi is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to affirmative action and workforce diversity. While our mission is creating jobs for people with disabilities, our workforce is comprised of a diverse group of individuals, including those with and without disabilities.

Individuals with disabilities may apply for any open job posting at Mavagi. Individuals with qualifying disabilities may also seek referral from an applicable state agency or Regional Center.

Our Clients

A Few of Our Happy Customers
Employee of the Year

Nathan Gaddis

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Nathan and Kaitlin work at the Galveston location. This awesome brother and sister team appreciate the opportunity to work together and the simplicity of their routine while at work. The calm environment supports Nathan’s success at his job and allows Kaitlin to get home to her service animal. We are so proud to have the Gaddis siblings as part of our family!


Faith has been on our Mavagi team in Beaumont for over 2 years.  She is a true delight to be around, and she is a hard worker!  In her free time, Faith loves shopping and working out.  Her favorite superhero is Batman because he gets rid of the bad guys, but she also loves Superman because he flies!


Cody works at our Commissary at Fort Hood. Cody is the most thoughtful person to his family, friends and everyone around him. The thoughtfulness that he places on each special occasion is a beacon of light in which we all should look to. He overcomes any obstacle in front of him and focuses on the positive aspects of his life. He is a true inspiration to those around him!


 Gisela has been an exemplary employee with Mavagi at the commissary in Ft. Hood since February 2017.  She is grateful for the opportunity to work for Mavagi, and she is often found helping and teaching fellow employee’s and others with disabilities.  When Gisela is not working, she loves to shop and go out to eat.


Ronald has worked at our Beaumont site for eight years. He likes his job, because he can clean up. Ronald says that it is the people he works with everyday that is the best part. Ronnie says at Mavagi Enterprises, “We don’t talk about people negatively. I don’t have anything bad to say [about them], It’s all good.”


Juan has been on our Mavagi team for eight years! Juan says he loves his job because, “God gave me the opportunity to work for Mavagi and they treat us with a lot of respect at Donna POE.” Juan also says that his team works well together and they do a better job because they help each other. Sounds like we have an excellent team at Donna POE!


Brittany has been with our team at our Beaumont VA Clinic for five years! She says working has helped her learn so much about herself. She says it has taught her to follow instructions better! She would love to attend college and learn how to drive one day. Brittany has some awesome goals and we are happy to have her be a part of our team!


Bill is one of our Supervisors at our Key West Naval Air Station site since 2016.  When Bill is not working, you will find him out on the water fishing as it is his favorite past time and he is great at it.  We thank Bill for a job well done, and for his strong leadership.


Maria has been with Mavagi since 2013 at our El Paso site.  She is an extremely caring person, and she treats each individual with the utmost respect.  She leads her team by setting a high quality work standard and is a fantastic leader!  When Maria is not working, she loves traveling with her family and making memories with her children and grandchildren.


Paul has been a Mavagi employee at our U.S. Customs office building since 2003! Over the years, Paul has earned the respect and appreciation of all who work at the US customs site. He displays nothing but confidence in his job and does it with a pleasant and positive attitude. When Paul is not at work, you will find Paul spending time with his mom and his precious dog Pikachu! We thank Paul for his dedication to his job!


Randy has been employed with Mavagi for 3 years. Randy enjoys his job and the people he works with because it gives him the structure and his self-esteem he needs. For many people, working, living independently, managing finances, and making social connections all come easily and are taken for granted. For people like Randy, these can be daunting. Fortunately, Randy found Mavagi, which helped him by providing the individualized support he needed to identify and achieve his goals.


Larry has been with Mavagi at our Fort Hood Commissary Site since August 2017. Larry loves his job and says it is an absolute blessing working for Mavagi Enterprises! Larry spends his days handling hard materials in our warehouse. When Larry is not at work, he is a super big fan of football and basketball! We will let you guest what is his favorite NFL Team. “We Dem Boyz!”


Julio has been with Mavagi for 12 years. He works in our Port Isabel Detention Center Site. Julio is know by his peers as a person who will always go above and beyond in all that he does. He provides constant support for custodial and grounds maintenance. We appreciate Julio’s dedication!


Humberto is one of our longest valued employees with our Key West Naval Air Station team.  He was recently awarded a fifteen year anniversary award!  Humberto appreciates the opportunities his job has allowed him, and he enjoys working and fixing all kinds of Machines.  We are grateful to have him on our team!


John has been employed with Mavagi for almost 5 years. He enjoys coming to work and seeing his co-workers. This job helps John help his family pay their bills and he feels proud of that. We are proud of you John!


Harold has been with our Mavagi team at our San Angelo site since March of 2019. Harold enjoys working with his team members and is appreciative of the opportunity to work. When Harold is not working, he is gaming. His favorite game is Dungeons and Dragons. We are blessed to have Harold on our team!


Carla has been employed with Mavagi for 16 months. She enjoys working at a place where her co-workers are friendly and helpful. This job helps her pay her bills and be independent, which many persons with disabilities achieve to be. Way to go Carla!


William is a small engine mechanic at our Key West Naval Air Station site. William’s knowledge in the engine industry is beyond measure. We are extremely grateful to have William on our team.


Tony has been a small engine mechanic at our Key West location for over 3 years.  He has overcome many obstacles, and has established himself as a dependable and confident team member.  When Tony is not working, he enjoys traveling and attending sporting events.


Mr.  Robinson has spent the last ten years as one of the best team members at our Beaumont VA Clinic. He is an extremely hard worker and enjoys helping anyone needing assistance. Roderik says he loves the people he works with and enjoys giving back to veterans!


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